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Shower Spells for the Quick Witch


I know that not all of us have the time/space or allowance in the home to do much spell work. Shower spells fit right in with your already established routine! You’re also unlikely to be bothered by other people you live with if you don’t feel as though you can be open about your witchy ways.

They are excellent for banishing as you are already washing things out and away from you. Combine this with the appropriate moon phase and the potency will increase.

Here are some favourites of mine:

*Banishing thoughts* (anxiety or thoughts of people etc)

When washing your hair (or head if you don’t have hair), put on your product and start scrubbing. Whilst giving your head a good working say this:

"I cleanse myself of tainted thoughts and things that bring me pain.
I fill it full of light and love so that I can be happy again.

Repeat this as many times as feels right to you. I tend to like three. Watch all the soap suds wash out of your head and go down the drain.

*Scrubbing a person out*

Someone got into your head? And your heart? If they’re toxic then get them out!

Same as before, scrub your head and say “From my mind, X, I banish thee. Get out, get out, I am free”

Then if you have a shower sponge or something you like to scrub with then scrub up your body. When scrubbing over your heart say “From my heart, X, I banish thee. Get out, get out, I am free”

Then completely wash yourself, watch everything that you’ve removed from yourself go down the drain and be free of that toxic person.


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Remember how I said I wanted to come up with some Tortall protag-themed outfits? Here’s an Alanna-inspired look.

My wardrobe’s kind of limited so I decided to focus on gold and purple - Lioness colors - rather than worry about trying to put together something she might actually wear. The eyeliner was a pain in the ass and almost made me late to class but it turned out pretty great, ngl.


had 2 glasses of wine with dinner and im watching lost girl

so that means 

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